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The Goring Hotel

Your luxury hotel accommodation near Buckingham Palace

If the Queen ever invited you for a weekend at Buckingham Palace chances are greater than not that you will stay at The Goring hotel next door. Over the years, visitors to the palace have been sent to The Goring where they enjoyed an equally lavish stay. Although it’s something we take for granted these days, The Goring was the first hotel to ever offer a bathroom in every room. . The Crown Prince of Norway once said that “I much prefer to stay at the Goring – I don’t have a bathroom to myself in Buckingham Palace “.

The hotel in itself is striking. The first impression upon walking into the lobby is the incredible décor. It’s hard to believe that the Goring is close to 100 years old. Everything is sparkling, seemingly new as if it were built moments prior to my arrival. The floor glimmers from the bright lights, the paint is fresh and the staff, young and old alike, have a grin on their face as if the best thing that happened to them that morning was going to work. It turns out that smirk is contagious and comes right from Mr. George Goring current owner and grandson of founder O.R. Goring.

From the brief moments I spent with Mr. Goring I could sense that he is truly proud of the hotel and for continuing in his family heritage. After all, he was born in room 114. However, as much as he loves managing the hotel, he’s just as eager for his son Jeremy to take the reins in 2006.

Throughout the hotel and in many rooms there are small sheep, not real sheep, but footstools made from sheep wool. It’s a goal for Mr. Goring to have a sheep in every room. Why? So that when you wake up every morning and you look about your room, you will chuckle and always remember that you are at the Goring.

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