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The $75,000 Swarovski Toilet

This Swarovski crystal studded toilet is certainly an eye catcher

Designed by Jemal Wright, this is from the “Isis” range of bathroom fittings and is either fully or partially handset with Swarovski crystals – “the epitome of bathroom couture,” according to the designer.

We are accustomed to the point that a toilet works for us, for our convenience. But not this one. At first, you should work for this toilet to be able to buy it. Then, I bet you'll be able to buy a usual one, because you won't let anyone use it. Are you thrilled? You should be, because I present you Swarovsky-Encrusted Toilet.

If you are a huge fan of Swarovski works of art and adore all these unique and exclusive, fashionable and stylish things you'll have to pay ,000 for this toilet. It's hard to believe you'll use it by its purpose. Every centimeter of this toilet is covered with unbelievable Swarovski crystals. Imagine only how it is shining, glittering and dazzling.

It seems to me that, unfortunately, any design of any bathroom in any rich house wouldn't be modern and stylish enough to have such toilet there.

Then, my opinion is, that Swarovski crystals are very prestigious and outstanding. Any collection of jewelry is dreaming to get the decorations with these crystals. The most famous Hollywood stars are proud to wear the most beautiful jewelry designed by Swarovski. But what do we see here? The Swarovsky-encrusted toilet. Sounds a little weird and.. unworthily. Don't you agree with me?

Finally, it's just my opinion, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who are dreaming to have this one at home.

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