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St. Regis Singapore

The first major luxury hotel built in this island

The St. Regis Singapore is the first major luxury hotel to be built in this tiny island nation in 10 years. Though it strives to meet the global business traveler’s every need, the 229-room property offers numerous diversions to fill the hours between meetings. Guests can head to the Remède Spa—the first Remède facility outside of the United States—where spacious Finnish cedarwood saunas and a eucalyptus-infused steam chamber help rejuvenate jet-lagged patrons. Others may opt to unwind over an Afternoon Delight (an iced-green-tea concoction with kiwi and vodka) at the Aston Bar. After drinks, visitors can choose from casual Mediterranean specialties at LaBrezza, Cantonese fare at Yan Ting, and traditional and modern French selections at Les Saveurs. At the end of the evening, guests retire to spacious rooms and suites, where around-the-clock butlers ensure that business travelers are rested and well prepared for another hard day of work.

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