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Ready for take off – luxury jets for the jetset

Partially statesmen, governmental executives and managers spend more time aboard an aircraft then on earth. Those who are away on the >big business< who carry yiels of millions of dollars or who is on his way as a millionnaire to a party – they demand a great deal of comfort and luxury during the flight. Those jets, which use the VIPs to come from continent to continent are comparable to the five-star hotels.

Just as increasingly large SUVs became popular on America's roads, business jets became bigger and more extravagant. The Boeing business jet, a luxury version of the 737 commercial workhorse, was introduced in 1996 and sells for about $50 million. It can fly from Los Angeles to Paris without stopping, and it has full-sized shower, a bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a range of comforts that smaller jets can't match.

Lee Monson, president of Boeing's business jet division, says his salesmen expected to sell six or eight the first year. They sold 25. In all, they now have sold 82.

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