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Peter Tempelhoff’s Top 10 Braai Tips
Our Executive Chef Peter Tempelhoff is well-known as a braai (barbecue) aficionado, with elements of this South African culinary tradition often ... [ more ]

Bollywood’s at Mardan Palace
Bollywood’s new project at Mardan Palace! Bollywood’s cinematography still cannot refuse from Mardan Palace. Previously they already had two ... [ more ]

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Leading Suites in Ischia
Leading Suites in Ischia
Leading Suites in Ischia
Mezzatorre Resort & Spa / Forio di Ischia, Italy

from € 430,00 daily Discounted rate for a minimum stay of 3 nights....
Period: 01.01.16 - 31.12.16
Bed & breakfast for 2 people
1 night
$ 469

Arts & Culture Package
Arts & Culture Package
Arts & Culture Package
Hotel Le Palais / Prague, Czech Republic

Every masterpiece ever painted, every note of musical genius, every great...
Period: 02.01.16 - 29.12.16
Bed & breakfast for 2 people
3 nights
$ 268
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Luxurious Hotel: Villa Orso Grigio
Villa Orso Grigio
Ronzone / Italy
Luxury Hotel: Grand Hyatt Berlin
Grand Hyatt Berlin
Berlin / Germany